TEAMTHINK increases operational and collaborative excellence in your organisation. We are professional consultants. Our focus is on unlocking the potential of employees, teams, projects and organisations. The aim is to realise the customer business model or orders with the highest possible performance and continuous improvement. This is where we focus on unleashing teams. Process optimisation and competence building are part of our consulting services. Every aspect of our work is designed to accompany you on your individual path of continuous improvement. In a constantly changing world, TEAMTHINK ensures a successful cultural change that increases motivation, productivity and profit in your organisation.


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Lean Transformation

With Lean Management we use the best business management system in the world and rely on a clear customer focus and reduction of waste along the value stream. This improves productivity, lead time, stocks and motivation.

Optimize your value streams with us and increase your productivity in the company.

Agile Transformation

The agile organization is here to stay. The new form of collaboration in companies is characterized by self-management, radical orientation towards the value stream, multiple roles and team memberships, close interaction with the customer.

Implement your agile organization with us and achieve more speed and motivation.

Culture & Leadership

Every transformation is based on a cultural change. Culture is an asset!
Unleash your untapped potential for co-creation in people, teams and within and between companies.

We accompany you through your culture change to establish your corporate culture as your asset.


We deliver tangible results. Our consulting services improve the essential hard and soft performance indicators (key performance indicators) in your company.




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Projekt excellence

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Weert Jacobsen Kramer

Senior Advisor
Lean & Agile Transformation

Nils Runge

Senior Advisor
Lean Transformation

Cultural change is our strength

Collaborative excellence is a strategic advantage. Every transformation is based on a cultural change.

Why Co-Creation?

The world is changing from “complicated / analog” to “complex / digital”. People, teams and companies can only solve the challenge of the complexity of the VUCA world together

Co-creation is the ability to work out the best solution together in a team, free of prejudice and judgment.

People, teams and companies need sufficient skills, methods and processes for this new key competence: co-creation.

Culture is an asset!

As early as 1992, Kotter & Heskett showed that adaptable companies were able to increase their company value by 756% compared to direct competitors after 11 years.

Raise your unused potential for co-creation in people, teams and in the company and between companies. Increase your company’s value and ensure your adaptability!

Realize your transformation project with us as your partner, because our culture of collaboration enables co-creation to succeed in your company.

We solve your challenges

Culture change and complex transformation projects

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is the fundamental goal in our consulting approach. Operational excellence ensures that the core processes in the value chain are constantly optimized in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. With our help and based on your corporate strategy, you optimize your operational processes. With TEAMTHINK you will increase the productivity and profit in your company through optimal operational excellence.

Culture Change

Every transformation is based on a cultural change. Culture is an asset! Raise your unused potential for co-creation in people, teams and in the company and between companies. With TEAMTHINK – your expert for successful cultural change – you increase your company value through higher adaptability and attractiveness!


Everything starts with the individual. Change comes from within with an effective attitude. Whether Kaizen Mind-Set or Agile Leadership, the leaders of tomorrow need effective attitudes and mental techniques in order to permanently master the challenges of everyday leadership. In the TEAMTHINK ACADEMY we provide our customers with high-quality management knowledge for the Lean & Agile Transformation.

Motivation & team performance

Every company, every team and every person has more potential. Successful collaboration with other people is the key competence in the digital age, where learning speed is an important competitive advantage. With TEAMTHINK you achieve full potential development of communities based on full potential development of individuals. With TEAMTHINK, your managers learn optimal leadership based on cutting edge neuroscience – for the benefit of your employees and your company.

TEamThink Academy

High-quality management know-how

“In the TEAMTHINK ACADEMY we provide our customers with high-quality management knowledge for the Lean & Agile Transformation. Our courses take place as lively webinars on an innovative social learning platform!”

Weert Jacobsen-Kramer

“The year starts and it’s OKR time! Focus is the mantra of all successful performers. How does goal setting work in the agile world? In this expert interview with Sebastian Luge and Weert Jacobsen-Kramer, you’ll learn all about OKR’s and how to implement your goals with the OKR cycle.”

Weert Jacobsen-Kramer

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