TEAMTHINK increases operational and collaborative excellence in your organisation. We are professional consultants. Our focus is on unlocking the potential of employees, teams, projects and organisations. The aim is to realise the customer business model or orders with the highest possible performance and continuous improvement. This is where we focus on unleashing teams. Process optimisation and competence building are part of our consulting services. Every aspect of our work is designed to accompany you on your individual path of continuous improvement. In a constantly changing world, TEAMTHINK ensures a successful cultural change that increases motivation, productivity and profit in your organisation.


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We have been achieving above-average business results for our customers worldwide for 20 years. We specialize in the implementation of complex transformation projects.

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Agile Transformation

Lean Transformation

Culture & Leadership

Quick Check Analysis Agile Transformation

We conduct a Quick Check analysis of your organization with the goal of introducing an Agile organization. We evaluate the 6 essential elements for the introduction of the Agile organization, through interviews and online surveys. Presentation of the analysis report in a workshop with the leadership team. Planning of the implementation strategy.

Transformation Office

Establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) for project planning and project control of complex transformation projects. The PMO is a closed room directly under the CEO and reports directly to the management.
We ensure competent management of the PMO, the overall project
overall project control and optimal project execution.

Objectives Key Results (OKR)

Implementation of OKR strategy development through self-goal setting processes in your company based on the OKR method.

Agile Organisation

The agile organization is here to stay. The new form of collaboration in companies is characterized by self-management, radical orientation towards the value stream, multiple roles and team memberships, close interaction with the customer. Implement your agile organization with us.

Agile & hybrid project management

Implementation of agile or hybrid project management. Depending on the requirement situation on site, we select the optimal process model. Agile Scrum logic or hybrid hike logic. We realize optimal project planning and project control and increase the implementation efficiency in your company.

Training & Qualification:
Professional Scrum Master, Professional Product Owner, Scrum Practitioner

We qualify your employees in our projects on the basis of international certificates from Scrum Inc, Scrum Alliance, Scrum Alliance

Value Stream Analysis &
Lean Master Plan

Analysis of the company’s relevant value streams. Definition of the biggest problem areas in the value stream. Development of solutions and determination of the savings effects. Creation of a Lean Master Plan to achieve the “Future State” value stream fit your Lean strategy.

analysis, – modulation &- mining

We implement digital process optimization and intelligent digital process modelling as well as ERP data-driven process mining to optimize value streams in the company.

Strategy development & development

We deliver a sound strategy development process for your company Vision, Mission, Key business activities, strategic pillars, long & mid-term goals. We establish a Hoshin Kanri strategy deployment process using the Northstar, KPI Dashboards, A3 Strategy, X-Matrix to harmonise activities.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean management is the basis. We use the most successful business management system in the world and rely on a clear customer focus and reduction of waste along the value stream. This leads to an improvement in productivity, a reduction in throughput times and inventories and an increase in motivation.

Lean Administration & Development

Implementation of Lean Management in the context of indirect areas. This involves CIP projects, business process analysis, such as SIPOC and Makigami and process optimization with EMIPS and value stream design. We identify fields of action for 5S in the office and for a trouble-free workplace design, as well as the basics of Shopfloor Management in the context of Lean Administration & Development.

Shop Floor Management

Implementation of a continuous communication cascade in your company. We establish operational control where value is created by visualizing important information on the team boards. Implement effective teamwork with us on the shop floor.

Lean Management

Training of your lean managers (Lean Basic, Lean Expert) with a close connection between training and implementation.

Cultural Analysis & Change strategy

Analysis of the organization based on structured interviews along relevant issues. Presentation of the analysis report as part of a workshop with the management team. Planning of the implementation strategy along the logical levels of individual, leadership, teams and organization.

Organizational Development

Planung, Konzeption und Durchführung von Veränderungen & Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Organisation auf der Basis von systemischer Organisationsberatung.

Strategy Workshops

We develop your company strategy through tailor-made strategy workshops and creative workshops for product and business model development based on the design thinking, business model canvas and lean start-up methodology.

Large Scale Groups

Conduct large group workshops to mobilize employees within the company.


Conduct team workshops and interface workshops and team development.

Leadership Development:
Agile & Lean Leadership

Leadership skills in the transformation to an agile organization


Coaching of individuals in the context of transformation projects.

Interim Management

We provide you with an excellent network of resources for interim management in the area of operations & lean manufacturing. Get in touch with us.

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Important Questions

We stand for a complementary consulting approach with a focus on lean management & agile management.

In our consulting approach, we combine classic specialist consulting with professional change management.

As experts in lean and agile management in the direct and indirect areas, we provide specialist expertise.

As experts in organizational development, we ensure sustainable transformation and cultural change through professional change management.

After an intensive start-up phase, we accompany you through the peak phase of the project and then start with the phase-out.

We constantly introduce impulses into your organization on site and promote the independence of our clients.

You will not find consulting projects in which consultants are permanently on site for months at a time.

We are extremely strong in the realization of operational excellence, collaborative excellence and project excellence.

Our strength is the combination of lean, agile, digital shopfloor management and cultural change. We make complex transformations a success and deliver all the necessary elements from a single source.

For years, we have successfully supported companies in the transition from a traditional hierarchical organization to an agile, value stream-oriented organizational structure and workflow.

Cultural change

The lean & agile organization requires managers and employees to change their own attitude. We are particularly good at bringing about this change in attitude in the context of leadership culture change. Our strength lies in ensuring sustainable transformations through cultural change.

Digital shop floor management

The Lean & Agile organization needs a transparent form of collaboration in the respective teams. Through digital store floor management and the establishment of a communication cascade within the company, we ensure effective, transparent operational control “on the spot”. We enable successful teamwork across national borders and locations.

Lean management

Order processing, supply chain, production and development need a strong value stream orientation. We therefore examine your processes and ensure that your productivity increases noticeably by implementing lean management tools.

Agile management

The product development process (PDP) is becoming increasingly complex and the cycles in product development and ramp-up management are becoming ever shorter. This situation demands a high degree of adaptability from all parties involved in the supply chain.

Our solution to this challenge is hybrid project management.

We combine maturity-oriented development and project planning with the agile process model in project management. This creates an effective hybrid in project management.

We are a Premium Delivery Partner of VALUESTREAMER, the world’s leading solution for digital store floor management.

Global supply chains spanning the globe require excellent collaboration within companies across locations. Entire companies collaborate across company boundaries with other companies in project networks.

Efficient digital shop floor management is needed to ensure operational excellence in this environment.

As a Premium Delivery Partner of VALUESTREAMER, we provide not only the digital software solution, but also the appropriate consulting for the introduction of the method and change management.

We are particularly good at creating effective cultural change and taking your company to the next level of corporate culture development with the help of digital shopfloor management.

We use the software products of the German market leader CELONIS for digital process mining.

Process mining is an innovative technology that helps companies to understand, analyze and optimize their business processes based on their ERP data.

We use Polaris VSM & BSM from the German software provider IFAKT for digital value stream mapping and process modeling.

Value stream mapping and process modeling play a major role in the context of lean transformation projects. We support our customers’ business models through digital, continuous process optimization and intelligent process modelling.

The field of management consulting is large. We do not offer these consulting services:

  • Classic strategy consulting
  • Business analyses & optimizations
  • Restructuring & reorganization
  • Legal advice
  • Personnel placement services
  • Personnel selection & recruitment
  • Outplacement
  • Software consulting
  • Software development and staffing

There are sectors of business and customers for whom we are a very good fit.

  • Industrial production
  • Aviation
  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Plant engineering
  • Project development
  • Product development

We are not a good fit for these customers or sectors:

  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Transformation projects usually take 12-24 months, although you can measure and feel the first changes after just 3-6 months.

We establish a base line of relevant key figures and check the progress and success of the project against this base line.

Depending on the issue and complexity of the challenge, you can expect a consulting budget of 50-150 days. Complex transformation projects can generate more effort.

The expenses for consulting and the resulting tied-up manpower of employees (e.g. workshops etc.) are offset by substantial improvements in relevant metrics (e.g. throughput times, product quality, costs, profitability).

As a rule, we achieve break-even (R.O.I.) in our projects after less than 12 months.

We combine specialist consulting and change consulting. With us, you get the entire transformation from a single source.

We ensure the particularly sustainable impact of our projects through professional change management.

In addition, we ensure the sustainability of our projects through continuous knowledge transfer, ongoing management coaching and accompanying training programs.

We work on site, online or using a mix between both settings in equal measure.

We can reach you at your locations worldwide via effective workshops using video conferencing.

Further training courses, which we offer via our own course platform, enable digital further training regardless of time zones and locations.

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