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What ´s it all about?

In this podcast, your host, Weert Jacobsen Kramer, addresses various aspects of transformations in the agile, lean or digital world. Just listen in when Weert reports from over 20 years of experience and conveys exciting content. You can relax and find inspiration while driving a car or on the train. Instead of rolling through a book, you can easily enjoy interesting lectures.

The aim of the podcast is to inspire you to exhaust and achieve your full potential as a person. The Podcast should put you in a position to make a valuable contribution in this world.

Your host Weert Jacobsen Kramer will make you aware of new aspects from the neurosciences relating to the function of our brain, which will help you to better manage yourself and your employees. He shows you ways how you can use mental training techniques to call up your optimal performance and achieve 100% well-being at any time. He talks about methods and tools from lean or agile management. Weert Jacobsen Kramer shows you ways how you can successfully control and handle complex transformation projects and tells you how cultural change really works.

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